Deauville’s La Drakkar Restaurant

Published Date Author: , October 11th, 2012

La Drakkar - Deauville, FranceTry a typical full three courses Normand meal at Le Drakkar in downtown Deauville. Not only the cuisine is traditional to this region, but also the decoration and style of this charming restaurant with a very cozy ambiance. If you can, try to get one of the booth overlooking the entire restaurant and the bar, it is always great to see how locals behave and act.

Normandy is a heaven for foodies, and I consider myself one of them. But be prepared to try lots of bread, butter, and even more cream in every form, color and temperatures. It is very important to began your meal with either a coupe of Kir Normand, or Pommeau. My starter was of course, one of my absolute favorites tweaked on Norman style. Moules marinieres ou a la creme (Fresh Mussels over a cream base). So tasty and very generous portions.

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