A week in gay Tel Aviv for the dedicated travelers/Tami Bibring

Published Date Author: , October 9th, 2012

Although gay Tel Aviv is mostly known for its crazy nightlife and amazing beaches, there are also many other attractions to be done. For those of you who are looking for something else, there are plenty of areas to discover. Since Israel is such a small country, you can get from scenery to another within only a few hours drive, meaning you can get to see (and do) lots of interesting things in a very short visit.

Where should you go?
Well, depends on what you like to most. Those of you, who love to travel in green, fresh, blooming areas, should go for a few days to the north of the country. The north of Israel offers many attractions to its traveler, in different difficulty levels. There are many roads that will take into the depth on the forests, through the rivers (such as Zavitan River, Jordan River etc and up to Hermon Mountain, the highest mountain in Israel, right off the Syrian border. Those of you, who rather travel in a tougher climate, should go to the south of the country, to the desert and its area, and up to Eilat, the southern point of Israel.

What should you do?
There are many ways to travel the country. If you decided to go on a more wild vacation, and not just to get to gay Tel Aviv for a week of fun in the sun, you should know of some brilliant ways to get to know the area.
Hiking is the first option. It is suitable for all ages; you have many routes to choose from, you can go alone, with friend or with your family, and decide when and where to stop. They can be short or long hike, with or without a stopover, easy or hard- you name it!
Biking is also relatively easy in Israel. You can find beautiful bicycle routes, such as the route of Nazareth Ilit, Gilboa, Tivon and many more in the north, or the route of Judah desert, Sde Boker, Eilat Mountains and more in the south. Just don’t forget to put your helmet on!
For the adventurous ones, there are many extreme ways to travel in Israel: you can kayak on the Jordan river, ski at Hermon Mountain (only in winter time- usually between January- March), you can ride a bike or an ATV, sky glide in the country’s skies, kite surf in one of the beautiful beaches of the country (for example in Palmahim or Michmoret beach), sail in a Catamaran boat or even a yacht and more. For a safe start, you can always take a gay guided tour, just to get you started.

Where should you sleep?
After spending a day or two in one of the gay hotels in Tel Aviv, you are ready to go for you adventure in the other parts of the country. The best way is to settle in a hotel and from there to go for walks, ride, hikes etc. You can also rent a tent; go out for hikes and camp in one of the many national parks along the way. At the moment, there are no 100% gay hotels in Israel, but you can find some gay friendly ones.
If you go north, you can also sleep in a Zimmer- a beautiful boutique private room, usually family owned. There are some really pampering and gay friendly Zimmers out there, such as Adom Lavan loft, Eretz Bereshit and more. If you’re going south, try Saar in the desert or Zait Bamidbar, both of them are unforgettable, and offer so much more than just an accommodation.

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