A Sunday Bike Ride in Merida

Published Date Author: , October 4th, 2012
Church of Santa Ana

The Church of Santa Ana, on the corner as you cross over from Calle 60 to Paseo Montejo Boulevard

Quinta Montes Molina Museum Mansion
The Mansion and Museum Quinta Montes Molina, located on Paseo Montejo, is still privately owned by the same family that has owned it for 100 years. It is open to the public and available for special events.

Looking for a relaxing place to see great architecture, roam colonial streets, eat wonderful local foods, and infuse yourself with local color? Then the city of Merida, in the state of Yucatan in Mexico, is just the place for you. Only one of the great ways to experience all these things is a weekly event that every visitor to Merida should experience at least once.

Each Sunday morning an incredible event takes place on the boulevard Paseo Montejo, the “Champs-Elysees” of Merida. Hundreds of locals and tourists alike bring their bicycles, or rent one right on the boulevard, and join families, singles, couples, and every other combination you can imagine, to enjoy a leisurely bike ride. The city of Merida closes down Calle 60 and Paseo Montejo for the weekly event, placing volunteers at every intersection to ensure safety. The ride begins at the Zocalo (main square) on Calle 60 at Calle 59 (continuing the fiesta that begins on Saturday), continues North to Calle 47, cuts east one block to Paseo Montejo, and continues about 2 additional kilometers. All along the way you will see water stations, children’s’ activities booths, dancing, exercising areas, music, and much more, all free. So even if you are not a bike rider, you can take a leisurely walk under canopied trees and stop for coffee and pastries, ice cream, or a full breakfast at one of the many, charming cafes along the boulevard.

You are sure to make many new friends, whether they be local ex-pats also out to enjoy the morning, Spanish-speaking locals and tourists, or families from all over this huge globe. You will marvel at the architecture of the many historic homes lining the boulevard, some of which are open to the public as museums and other public spaces. You’ll pick up a few new Spanish words, drop a few pounds, and gain new insight into what it might be like to live in this wonderful, historic city with its lovely, welcoming inhabitants.

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