A Champagne Weekend in France

Published Date Author: , October 4th, 2012

By now you’re savvy enough to know: true Champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. Hence the uppercase. If the word “champagne” is in lower case or accompanied by the words “methode traditionnelle,” then you’re looking at sparking wine that utilizes the “French method” – but, as they say in France, “Ceci n’est pas Champagne.”

And, as you also probably know, only grapes from the Champagne region can be used to produce Champagne wines.

And also – all harvesting in the Champagne region must be done by hand, in order to prevent the white juice of the grapes from coming into contact with the skins of the pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes, which are two of the three grapes used to make Champagne – and which happen to be black grapes.

Authored By Mark Thompson- See the Full Story at Edge Boston

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