Vermont Tourism Welcomes Gay Travelers

Published Date Author: , September 19th, 2012

Vermont Tourism Welcomes Gay TravelersEver since civil union legislation was passed 12 years ago, Vermont has been a popular destination for gay and lesbian couples. But only in the last year has the state begun to market to them.

Moose Meadow Lodge is an imposing bed and breakfast in the woods of Waterbury. It’s a big gleaming log lodge decorated with wild animal trophies, from salt water sport fish to some unfortunate local residents.

In one corner, there’s a roadkilled fox that owners Willie Docto and Greg Trulson had stuffed and mounted. Docto is also president of the Vermont Gay Tourism Association, which was founded nearly a decade ago. At the time no state had legalized same-sex marriage, and only Vermont offered civil unions. But Docto says it was clear things were about to change.

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