TGV Gare de Lyon Paris to Nice Ville

Published Date Author: , September 24th, 2012

TGV Gare de Lyon Paris to Nice VilleToday I transfered all the way from Versailles to Nice, in a ver simple and smooth way, to get to Gare de Lyon Station in Paris to get onboard the TGV to Nice Ville.

Almost 6 hours train ride in total. I did pre purchased my tickets in advance, thank God, because the train was fully booked, and that would have ruined my whole itinerary which already is very tight. 270 Euros Round Trip, including my trip to St Tropez and connections.

I was rather excited to do this trip, first time on the TGV. The scenery was amazing, specially the second part of the journey, once you arrive to St. Raphael all the way to nice, passing by Cannes of course at hight speed.

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