Practical Phrases for Gay Travelers in Mexico

Published Date Author: , September 1st, 2012

Practical Phrases for Gay Travelers in MexicoThe attitude towards the LGBT community will vary as you travel throughout Mexico, just as it does anywhere else. On the whole, there is plenty to get involved in and a number of Mexico’s cities have become big stops on the gay tourist trail in that part of the world. Expect a more welcoming environment in the bigger cities – attitudes in rural areas may be less openly tolerant.

Though English is fairly widely spoken in Mexico, it is important to pick up a couple of vital phrases in the local language. Particularly if you are looking for a certain bar or part of town, being able to understand the locals and make yourself understood can be absolutely key.

?es este bar /barrio homosexual?

Is this bar / neighbourhood gay-friendly?

In certain cities, you may be keen to head for well known parts of town. In others, you may be keen to explore a little for yourself. Mexico, and its gay scene, is developing quickly and you could well find that the liveliest parts of town are not yet marked in your guidebook. If you’re looking for a gay-friendly area, the easiest thing to do is converse with the locals in their own language. In most parts of Mexico, you will find the locals more than willing to help.

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