Out Now’s Top Ten Gay Travel Destinations for 2013

Published Date Author: , September 21st, 2012

Out Now's Top Ten Gay Travel Destinations for 2013LGBT travel and tourism is a lucrative market these days and with LGBT travellers said to have spent $165 billion by the end of this year, and even more next year, the ‘pink dollar’ is becoming an ever popular term. Out Now, the world’s leading LGBT marketing specialist has, after three years of research and conducting a survey of 100,000 respondents in 24 countries, released their LGBT2020 global tourism report. Respondents were asked which cities in the world they would like to visit in the next three years and the findings were in some parts surprising, and in others expected, with some of the most popular gay-friendly hotspots making the list while some lesser-known previously unranked places also made an appearance. Below is the top ten:

10) Los Angeles: 40 percent of citizens in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood, a renowned gay area, identify themselves as LGBT, one of the most concentrated populations in the USA, making it a must-visit destination for gay tourists. Los Angeles is an expensive, fast-moving and high lifestyle city, so if you like that kind of place and can keep up with it, it’s the perfect destination for those wanting a sunny and luxurious getaway to live a dream; the ‘American Dream’.

9) Amsterdam: Known as being one of Europe’s and the world’s most tolerant and liberal cities – and for more than just LGBT rights and people – Amsterdam is a very popular hotspot for gay tourists and with the city’s own information centre (‘Pink Point’) catering especially for them, it’s no wonder many gay people feel more comfortable and welcome being in this small but vibrant city. It also boasts a larger and more diverse gay scene than most other places with no less than one hundred gay-owned bars, club, shops, restaurants and saunas and it was recently named as the third best gay wedding destination.

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