New York State’s Hidden Gem – The Finger Lakes

Published Date Author: , September 13th, 2012

Where in New York can you find more waterfalls than stop signs? What about more wineries than Walmarts?

It’s the Finger Lakes area, of course, and GoGirlfriend has all the deets for you. We explored a smorgasbord of wineries, ale-houses, state parks and glorious bed and breakfasts. And the whole trip began because of a single shout out on Twitter and an email to the Tourism Alliance of the Finger Lakes. Our question transformed overnight into an epic “One Tank Trip.”

We had planned to visit Vegas this summer, but we all know Vegas in August isn’t for the faint of heart. And Vegas will always be there, right? We set our sights on a road trip instead. Thankfully, the Finger Lakes area was listening to our social media wishes and we had our trip mapped out within days.

Authored by Julia Rosien – See the Full Story at Go Girlfriend

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