My Chronicles of Buenos Aires

Published Date Author: , September 12th, 2012

Gay Travel: My Chronicles of Buenos AiresBuenos Aires is a city that boasts European heritage from its people, architecture and culture. It has a late and upcoming North American influence, increased by the great number of expats moving in. Despite this, it remains true to its South American flavor and traditions, mixing in a perfect balance with the characteristic drama and snobbism of the ‘portenos’ (Buenos Aires born locals). It’s a unique and lovable destination that will make you want to come back again and again.

Awarded by a rolling and informal word of mouth, its title as the Gay Mecca of South America, given Buenos Aires’ open-minded and friendly attitude towards gay travelers. Unfortunately I quite disagree, for various reasons, with the Gay Mecca classification, which I think lost years ago, claimed back by Brazil. One of the main reasons is a weak gay night scene. But I do agree and think is yet, the most gay friendly city in South America. (read more)

Buenos Aires welcomes foreigners with open arms, regardless of sexual orientation, making them feel comfortable and accepted. Not for nothing, Argentina was the second country in America to approve the Same Sex Civil Unions, and last July 2010, the Same Sex Marriage Law was passed.

Authored By Carlos Melia – See the Full Story at Dot 429

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