Lesbian Melbourne, Australia

Published Date Author: , September 26th, 2012

I’ve been out in Melbourne since my early teens and I’ve danced, shopped, laughed, eaten, drank and smoked my way into my early 20s without ever losing my love for this city. Melbourne is safe and queer-friendly on the whole, with fantastic grungy areas to shop and eat scattered around the CBD. We’re a bit of a melting pot of British, European and Asian cultures and so our cafe culture is competitive which amps up the quality of coffee and food. Public transport can get you just about anywhere. I could never tell you everything that there is to do/see/adore because I still don’t know everything even after 23 years in one place.

First and Most Importantly: Where to Dance

Melbourne queer venues and events are mostly mixed for lesbians, gays, trans* and their friends. We’re very attached to our lesbros here and any bar that tries to deny men entry quickly goes out of business. The key to a rich social life here is definitely to have the right facebook friends — all of the events and a few bars have their own pages that advertise when/where/what is on. Some of the best dance nights are not on regularly and they don’t always stay in the same bar so if you want to be where it’s happening, get on facebook!

There are several dance nights that are more or less once a month, on the north side of town or in the CBD.

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