Lesbian Guide to Hotlanta

Published Date Author: , September 27th, 2012

We are recent Atlanta transplants who actually met at Atlanta’s unofficial meetup for Autostraddle’s International Brunch Day who bonded over the fact that we’ve been exploring the city and its lesbian offerings all by our respective lonesomes. So we decided to join forces, share our collective knowledge of the city, and co-write this guide.

Atlanta is a very diverse city with a rich history that includes the civil rights movement. However, parts of the city remain highly segregated and also has the highest income disparity in the United States.
But not all is gloomy in Hotlanta. The city boasts one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the U.S., and there are more and more resources and opportunities for LBT ladies in the “A.”


My Sister’s Room (1271 Glenwood Avenue) is the only lesbian bar in the city of Atlanta and also one of the oldest in the Southeast. As such, it does its best to partner with diverse promoters to offer a wide variety of theme nights and parties that appeal to lesbians of all ages and musical and cultural tastes. Wednesday nights feature karaoke and the bar hosts a comedy show Saturday evenings. Other popular nights include drag shows featuring the “Lee family” and Friday night old school dance parties for more “mature” lesbians. The bar is located in LGBTQ-friendly East Atlanta Village.

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