Gay Days Las Vegas Drew Big Crowds for Inaugural Event

Published Date Author: , September 27th, 2012

Gay Travel: Gay Days Las Vegas Drew Big Crowds for Inaugural EventIn 2012, Gay Days expanded west with a sister event in Vegas.

Gay Days Las Vegas debuted Sept. 4-10 with the Tropicana Hotel and Casino playing host hotel. Orlando-based Gay Days, Inc. co-owner Chris Manley said an estimated 30,000 people attended and enjoyed elements similar to Gay Days Orlando: the Gay Days Expo, pool parties and a kick-off party at Macy’s.

Manley said the Vegas expo was smaller than Orlando’s, but that was expected in an inaugural year. “Our expo had nothing near the traffic in Orlando,” Manley said. “2012 was our 14th year in Orlando and about 19,000 came through [the Expo]. We had about 4,000 in Vegas. Most vendors were very happy and felt it was an average size expo for out there in the west.”

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