Davey Wavey – The Day I Quit My Job

Published Date Author: , September 19th, 2012

Gay Travel: Davey Wavey - The Day I Quit My JobWhen I tell people what I do–which, in a nutshell is creating YouTube videos and traveling the world–they usually stare blankly back at me. It’s really an odd job–and seems made up. It’s like when a child tells you that they want to be a princess or a dinosaur hunter. Except, I didn’t grow up wanting to be a shirtless YouTube sensation or travel guru.

When I was young, and way before I found Buddha, I wanted to be a billionaire. In fifth grade, we were assigned a class project to dress up as our hero for one day. While many of my classmates went as historical figures of significance, authors or public officials and police officers, I adorned myself with a suit, tie and comb-over–and went to school as Donald Trump.

By the time I was a business major in university, my priorities hadn’t shifted much. In fact, it wasn’t until my second semester of senior year that I started to see things differently. I enrolled in a yoga class to fulfill my elective requirements–and part of the course’s reading included a book titled The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. It was the first step in a long journey that made me rethink everything I believed, valued and prioritized.

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