Beijing for the First Time

Published Date Author: , September 12th, 2012

A friend who spent most of his career writing about high-end travel told me recently that if there’s one thing people don’t want on a trip, it is surprises. Now, maybe everybody doesn’t feel that way; personally, I like the unexpected, figuring that it’s part of the adventure. But when the location is remote or the language challenging, then a guide can be a good thing.

When I traveled to China recently, I accepted an offer from Kensington Tours to let one of their experienced professionals handle some of the logistics booking my hotel and arranging for my transportation from the airport and I accepted a three-day sightseeing schedule designed with my interests in mind.

Kensington Tours is an American company that specializes in customized trips. “Every journey we offer is private; there is no set schedule,” Sarah Ferguson, Kensington’s Region Manager for Asia told me. “Every destination has a guide who lives there.”

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