Which Cities Offer the Most Culture?

Published Date Author: , August 3rd, 2012

Gay CultureA new study finds that Paris has the most cinemas (302), London the most museums (173), Tokyo the most bookshops (1,675), and New York the most theatres (420). Surveying the culture of 12 of the world’s most important cities, The World Cities Culture Report 2012 was published this past Wednesday, according to The Guardian.

It is a major global initiative on culture and the future of cities; researching through data and policy analysis, but not ranking them. The list of the 12 include London, Berlin, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

More Findings of the report include that the following cities have the most:
Art Galleries: Paris (1.046)
Bars: Tokyo (14,184)
Dance Performances: New York (6,292)
Night Clubs/Discos: Shanghai (1,865)
Public Green Space: London (38.4%)
Restaurants: London (37,450)

Authored By Andrew Villagomez – See the Full Story at Passport Magazine

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