What to Do in Stratford, Ontario

Published Date Author: , August 15th, 2012

Boss making much ado about nothing? Been more than a twelfth night since you and your lover enjoyed a midsummer night’s dream? Relax Cymbeline, grab your Romeo (or Juliet) and find your happy-ending love story in Stratford, Ontario.

In case you don’t know, Stratford is Shakespeare Mecca
in North America. It’s a short 2 hours from Toronto, 3 from Buffalo and Detroit and a smidge longer road trip from Chicago – 8 hours. From eclectic dining choices to sublime inns to lush gardens sculpted for picnic blankets, there’s a million reasons to fall in love with Stratford.

We guarantee it won’t be a love’s labor lost.

Authored By Julia Rosien – See the Full Story at Go Girlfriend

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