Davey Wavey Travels Alone

Published Date Author: , August 23rd, 2012

Gay Travel: Davey Wavey Travels AloneIn all the traveling that I’ve done, I’ve come to realize that even more important than the destinations you visit is with whom you’re able to share the experiences. Traveling with a close friend or loved one is a great way to amplify the experience.

Moreover, with a friend at your side, it’s much easier to laugh at your misfortunes or tribulations. A missed flight doesn’t seem so bad and culture shock just isn’t as shocking. And having a travel companion gives you an added sense of safety and security. You have a bit of the familiar even amidst the unfamiliar.

While I do prefer traveling with a friend or loved one, there are some unique aspects of traveling alone that I’ve come to appreciate and even crave. Indeed, solo traveling can have some unique advantages.

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