Tuscany Day Two: Monteriggioni, The Little Tuscan Hill Town

Published Date Author: , June 30th, 2012

Monteriggioni, ItalyWe woke up in the morning in our new digs, Il Pioggiolo delle Rose, to a wonderful buffet breakfast in the sala da pranzo (dining room) across the little courtyard from our apartment – complete with warm brioche (like crescent rolls, some with chocolate), and a selection of meats, cheeses, rolls, cereal, coffee and fresh juice.

They even had one of my Italian favorites, blood orange juice. It was a good start to what promised to be a long day, with visits to both Siena and San Gimignano.

Playing around with the camera, I also discovered a few new settings, including sepia tone, black and white, and selective color, that lets me take a black and white photo with a pop of color.

We headed down the freeway through Tuscany toward Siena, and after maybe twenty minutes, we exited at Monteriggioni, a cute little castle town on a hill, surrounded by historic stone walls.

Marco and Fabry in Monteriggioni

Originally built in the 1200’s, in the war between Siena and Florence, this cute little medieval town now houses a cute central piazza with a stone church, a number of little restaurants, cafes, and boutique stores. We saw some beautiful scarves and beautiful jewelry here.

Montereggioni View From the WallsThe town sits right in the heart of Tuscany, and is one of the best preserved towns of its time.

Monteriggioni also offers a catwalk on two sides of the city walls. For just two Euro a person, you can climb up to the walls for some beautiful views of the town and the surrounding Tuscan countryside. We took some great photos here of vineyards and picturesque Italian villas.

It was still unseasonably cool here, but we hoped things would warm up by this afternoon. We were also a little tired from lack of sleep and the crowded itinerary in Rome – travel is exhausting!

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