Gay Pride in Houston on June 23rd

Published Date Author: , June 14th, 2012

Houston Gay Pride 2012Long ago Houston shed the remains of an outdated image as a sleepy Southern city to emerge as an economic dynamo and the fourth-largest city in the country. If you have any doubts that this is one of the most progressive American cities, consider this: The city’s electorate have twice voted in a lesbian, Annise Parker, as mayor — far and away the largest city in the nation to have an out-gay chief executive. Hear that, San Francisco?

The city’s Pride celebrations similarly have exploded in recent years from a small local event to a regional one to one that brings in visitors from way beyond Texas and Louisiana. This being Texas, no one knows the meaning of “small,” and this year’s Houston Pride promises to be one of the biggest in the country, with the most varied roster of events.

Bette & Thelma
If you’re a fan of Bette Midler (and if you’re not, what are you doing on this site?), then you absolutely have to attend the Saturday, June 16, concert, when the city’s Gay Men’s Chorus presents “I’m Beautiful, Dammit: A Tribute to Bette Midler.” Bring a mermaid outfit, if you really want to be in the swim. Go to this website for information and a link to ticket sales.

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