Dolly Travels – Our Final Days in Florence

Published Date Author: , June 1st, 2012

Last Days in FlorenceIt is hard to believe, but we have to go back home tomorrow. The last few days have been pretty rainy and cold, but we still managed to do a few things.

Saturday, Susan and I met my friends from El Dorado Hills, Scotti and Marco. These two guys have been touring Italy with their friends, Marco and Fabry, who live in Italy, somewhere above Bologna, I think. At any rate, the four of them have been traveling by car, in different places in Italy, but finally, we were all in Florence at the same time. We met for dinner Saturday night at Il Latini, one of my favorite restaurants in Florence. Here the atmosphere is just fun, but wonderful food.

For a group like ours, we chose to have sampler plates of everything, rather than order individually. What a feast! Three different pasta dishes, melon with prosciutto, insalata caprese, vegetables (spinach and roasted potatoes), then for the main course, bistecca alla Fiorentina, pork chops, roasted chicken, braised rabbit, veal all on a huge platter…..we all laughed at Fabry, who speaks more English than he wants to admit, saying, “Oh my God!” every time a new platter of some food was set before us. What a fun, wonderful evening. After dinner, the guys walked us back to our apartment to make sure we were safe. That was so much fun! Oh, My God!!

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