Being Safe When You Travel

Published Date Author: , June 11th, 2012

Gay TravelThe recent incident of a gay couple on a cruise ship in a foreign port who were accused of public sex on the balcony of their stateroom reminds us to research the laws and customs of other countries, and to be very aware of our actions that might be misconstrued. Here are some important points to consider when you travel – along with some tips to help prevent crooks from taking advantage of you.

Learn as much as you can about your travel destination and points in between. Are there laws that support and protect LGBT persons? In many areas of the world, laws and customs demonize and criminalize homosexuals. Remember that rural areas in most countries are likely to be more conservative and less tolerant. Hotels there may not accept bookings from same-sex couples. Exercise discretion everywhere. Unfortunately, it is best to avoid excessive physical shows of affection.

Find out about the situation from local LGBT groups or a trusted and savvy travel agent or tour operator. They know the attitudes and issues of the country or city. Be especially careful if you intend to frequent cruising areas or Internet chat rooms. Police in some countries have been known to carry out entrapment campaigns.

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