Baltimore Pride and Marriage Equality

Published Date Author: , June 3rd, 2012

Baltimore PrideAt dawn a couple weeks ago, the tide was lapping against the bilious pilings of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in a murky wake. Pleasure boats bobbed lazily against a skyline dominated by the neon Domino Sugar sign that cast a syrupy-red glow on the waterfront.

By mid-morning the Inner Harbor was transformed by residents and tourists alike, all taking the air along the pathways or visiting multifarious attractions and eateries that populate the area.

Baltimore is already in the throes of celebrating summer. There are many reasons to visit this friendly and historic city, and chief among them is to lend hearty huzzahs to the LGBT community as it rallies for what is hoped to be a final push to ensure passage of the marriage equity act that will grant same sex unions – a law that seems so close and yet so far.

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