What I Learned on Spring Break in Cancun

Published Date Author: , May 31st, 2012

Gay Travel: What I Learned on Spring Break in Cancun“Don’t drink the water.” “Don’t rent a car.” “Don’t go out at night.” “Don’t eat from street carts.” “Don’t put anything valuable in your luggage.” And so the list went on and on-from family and friends to colleagues and strangers following me on social media – warning me at all costs to avoid Mexico. It was as if an itinerary of two relaxing weeks exploring the Mayan Riviera was equivalent to donning a leisure suit with printed Tom of Finland images to travel in Pakistan.

I went anyway. And I am here to report that, not only am I safeand sound, but also I’m glad I didn’t listen to the naysayers. I took it all in and learned a few valuable travel (and life) lessons along the way.

Mexico’s easternmost gulf coast is easy to traverse via Highway 307 (in a rented car, if you dare the uneven roads). Cancun’s trendy Hotel Zone, Playa del Carmen’s shopping district, and Tulum’s Mayan ruins and hippy beachfront each capture a unique aspect of Mexico’s cultural heritage. The destinations are all within a three hours’ drive, in spite of the many topes – massive speed bumps installed to apparently assist los federales in thwarting the drug cartels.

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