Taiwan’s Exotic Outer Islands

Published Date Author: , May 31st, 2012

Taiwan's Outer IslandsTaiwan’s best kept secret from worldwide travelers is its unique small outer islands surrounding the mainland. Lonely Planet described them as “opportunities for those intrepid enough to make the trip.”

The four islands, Green, Guishan, Lanyu and Penghu, because of limited transportation, have remained exclusively private, well-preserved and almost unknown to the international travel spotlight for years. But with the recent discovery by foreign adventurers seeking for bold and fearless type of fun for their leisure, these islands are quickly becoming the best hidden gems of Asia.

Taiwan’s fourth largest island, Green (Ludao) Island, is located off-shore of Taitung, Southeast of Taiwan. The island is surrounded by coral reefs comprised of various colorful and vibrant species that makes it a snorkelers’ ultimate paradise.

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