La Trattoria di Rosso

Published Date Author: , May 6th, 2012

We had lunch with our old and new Italian friends at a great little restaurant called La Trattoria di Rossa, in the heart of historic Bologna – four gay couples relaxing together after a morning of exploring the city.

CrescetineLa Trattoria di Rosso is really cute, with outdoor seating on the street under a cool canopy, and a couple of dining rooms and a bar inside.

We were seated at a long table in the back, below a couple windows letting in a cool breeze form the courtyard behind the restaurant.

We started off with some appetizers – a selection of Italian meats and some fantastic little fried breads – called crescetine (at left) – that were absolutely delicious. The closest I can come up with in the US are the indian fry breads that are popular at many county fairs – light and tasty.

Served with these was a soft cheese – a cross between the flavors of mozzarella and cottage cheese – that we spread on the crescetine.

Following the appetizers, most of the table enjoyed a delicious dish of gnocchi – potato dumplings – served with a pesto sauce. Gnocchi is one of my favorite dishes, and these were really good.

The lunch was part of a fixed-price menu – an entree, a salad, and dessert – all for just 10 Euro.

Zuppa Inglese

The salad (served after the main course, as is the tradition here) was another favorite – a Caprese salad, with mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and a little lettuce, also really good.

We finished with a “zuppa inglese” (at right) – which despite the name was neither a soup or English. Instead, it was a desert of ladyfingers filled with a delicious creme, soaked in some kind of spirits – apparently, zuppa also means “soaked” in addition to “soup”.

The whole meal was fantastic, and you can’t beat the price. if you’re in Bologna, check out La Trattoria di Rosso for lunch or dinner.

You can visit their website here:

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