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Published Date Author: , May 31st, 2012

Monterosso, Liguria, ItalyYesterday we took the train over to Monterosso, visited the old town, that had been hit hard by the flood of October 25, 2011. The owner of an art shop, Mauro, told us of 200 businesses in the old town, 198 had suffered major damage. His entire shop had to be rebuilt.

He showed us a mark up near the ceiling, about 8 feet over our heads, that designated the high mud level. Again, he had pictures of the destruction. I told him it still made me want to cry when I saw the pictures of the damage. He looked at me, kind of shrugged a shoulder, and said, “Well, we, too, shed tears.

But then we said, Do we stand here and cry, or get to work? We got to work.”. And indeed they have. While some businesses are still under construction, most are up and running again, just 5 months after the flood. The streets were still covered with plywood in many spots, but the people have psuch a positive attitude.

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