Visiting the Santa Barbara Wine Country

Published Date Author: , April 23rd, 2012

Gay Travel: Visiting the Santa Barbara Wine Country Given the reputation it has as conservative and affluent, Santa Barbara surprisingly has a sizable LGBT community. It is no shock to us though, for this coastal town is a blissful place to live and travel to. There’s always a steady stream of gay visitors especially ready to indulge in decadent Gay Santa Barbara. With beautiful beaches, wineries, and restaurants, Santa Barbara definitely holds its own as a great California vacation destination!

The Santa Barbara Wine Country emerged from a cluster of celebrities attempting to blaze their trails outside of the Hollywood limelight, and winemakers attempting to break free from the notorious shadow of Napa Valley. What began as a region full of upstart wineries that each developed their own cult followings has emerged into the abundant reputation of Santa Barbara’s Wine Country. Now, there are over 21,000 acres of land dedicated to growing grapes for wine in Santa Barbara as well as neighboring valleys of Santa Ynez and Santa Maria. The majority of the regions’ wineries remain family owned and operated, which contributes to the handcrafted aesthetic this wine country is known for. For an ass-kicking Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Cabernets, look no further than Santa Barbara.

The overall gay presence in Santa Barbara has expanded in recent years. The dyke scene specifically is known as a comfortable balance of Northern California’s granola-and-Birkenstock types and southern California’s chic club-goers. There are no exclusively-gay bars or clubs in this beach town though, so most members of the gay community are simply normal people living life in one of the most charming coastal towns of California.

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