Ontario, Canada: Windsor-Essex Courting the Gay Travel Market

Published Date Author: , April 27th, 2012

Canada: Windsor-Essex Courting the Gay Travel MarketOfficials and business leaders from Windsor-Essex are courting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) tourists. Travel Gay Canada, Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture have partnered to establish LGBT tourist destinations in the province. Windsor is one of them.

The three organizations say the LGBT group could bring a lot of money to the region. According to those luring the group to the area, they also tend to be “brand-loyal.” That means if they come and have an enjoyable time, they tend to come back again and again.

“Windsor-Essex has so many wonderful experiences and attractions that appeal to the LGBT market,” said Darell Schuurman, the executive director of Travel Gay Canada.

Full Story from CBC.ca

Click here for gay travel resources in SW Ontario.


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