Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Published Date Author: , April 25th, 2012

While visiting Tel Aviv you might be surprised by the hopping and bopping nightlife scene: being such a small city (especially in comparison to other trendy capitals in the world), Tel Aviv sure has a lot to offer to its citizens and tourists, when talking about going out to have a “night on a town”.

Tel Aviv’s motto is “The city that never sleeps”, a title that represents the city’s spirit and vibe, a title won for a good reason. You can find almost anything you’re looking for in each and every hour of the day, whether you’re looking for food, groceries, drinks or warm company. Most of the bars in the city are open till last customer, which sometimes means that they’re always open.

There are some fine restaurants that work around the clock (24/7) serving delicious food and bubbling drinks, not to mention the clubs, the parties and the after parties. It goes without saying that the leading venues and party are for gays and lesbians, or at least gay oriented, so no matter when you arrive to the city, you will sure find yourself very busy at nights.

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