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Published Date Author: , April 8th, 2012

Hunger Games TourThe Hunger Games mania has officially hit the tourism industry. Fans who were inspired by the survival skills, archery, and action in the blockbuster hit can tap into their inner Katniss Everdeen or Peeta Mellark with several recently announced tours in North Carolina, where much of the movie was filmed. On select weekends throughout the summer, Hunger Games Fan Tours is offering both day trips and weekend outings that teach guests fundamental survival skills like orienteering, archery, and shelter building, based in DuPont State Recreational Forest – a.k.a, the Arena where the Games took place.

In addition, North Carolina’s official tourism and travel website has outlined two self-guided tours that highlight filming locations and attractions where the cast stayed, ate, and dined throughout the state.

The Hunger Games Fan Tours includes a daylong tour of exploring DuPont State Park, which encompasses 10,000 acres of forest, trails, and waterfalls between Hendersonville and Brevard, with your “sponsor” to discover the film locations. You’ll learn basic survival skills that Katniss and other tributes demonstrated in the movie, such as orienteering, camo-face painting, and shelter-building.

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