MA: Great Places to Eat in the Berkshires

Published Date Author: , April 19th, 2012

Berkshires RestaurantsThe Berkshires, nestled amid the rolling landscape of western Massachusetts, once played host to some of the country’s most notable artists and authors, including Norman Rockwell, Herman Melville, and Edith Wharton. Summer cottages flourished as city folk flocked to the bucolic hills for fresh mountain air. The onset of two World Wars and the Great Depression temporarily diminished the area’s growth, but over the last several decades the Berkshires has become the go-to summer getaway for those on the lookout for music, theatre, and dance. It also plays host to a bevy of carefully honed restaurants that rely on the region’s boutique farming industry. All of the restaurants highlighted here are members of Berkshire Grown (, an organization that supports and promotes locally based agriculture by establishing local food and farm networks.


There is, perhaps, no other locale in the Berkshires that embodies the creative marriage of food and music more than the Dream Away Lodge. Originally opened by local legend Mamma Maria Frasca and rumored to have been a speakeasy during the Great Depression, the 90-year-old property gained national attention from a famed 1975 visit by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and the Rolling Thunder Revue. The Dream Away Lodge subsequently appeared in Dylan’s film epic Renaldo and Clara and has since become a haven for artists and foodies alike.

The Dream Away Lodge has been under the watchful eye of openly gay owner Daniel Osman since 1997, whose epiphany for a multi-dimensional space came to him after a three-week stint at a Radical Faery sanctuary. The menu originally focused on classic comfort foods, but with the arrival of chef Amy Loveless several years ago, international influences now offer a more modern culinary expression. Loveless grew up on a small farm in nearby Stockbridge in a family that grew much of their own food. “I had chickens and a cow and a goat. I was connected from my childhood to using ingredients that were at hand.”

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