Gay Travel: Overheard at the Airport

Published Date Author: , April 16th, 2012

Gay Travel: Overheard at the AirportIn the span of two hours in an airport, I had several encounters that variously heartened and disappointed me. I overheard a conversation between an American woman and a presumably straight British man who told her his day had started in Texas, where the hotel clerk had taken great pains to tell him that he was in “the country of Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” He was duly mortified at the jackasses who chose to wear their bigotry as a badge of honor.

In a another instance, I was taking a final look over our interview with Laverne Cox on my iPad when a waitress from an airline lounge leaned in and told me what a beautiful woman Laverne is. I agreed and said that she’s a transgender actress in a upcoming movie. Our ensuing tussle over pronouns gave me a familiar twinge, and I wondered whether I’d stumbled, as is my wont, into unfriendly conversational territory.

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