Celebrate Pride in Asia

Published Date Author: , April 19th, 2012

Shanghai Pride 2012Just got this reminder from our friends at Cambodia Out:

There are 3 Fantastic LGPT Prides coming up, we hope you can help spread the word. CambodiaOut is proud to be a Media Sponsor for the following Prides

Phuket Pride
April 23-28

Many countries, cities and towns these days have a gay pride or awareness day, week or month. These events may include parades, parties, speeches, offering support and encouragement to other gay people, games, live performances, and, of course, having fun.

Phuket Island has had a festival since, around the beginning of the millennium when Poonsak ” Dang ” (red) Sanchan, owner of the famous Boat Bar in Patong Beach, convinced several other gay businessmen to support a gay pride time in Phuket. The first celebrations were modeled after gay celebrations that the Singaporeans had held in Phuket for a few years due to the intolerance of the Singaporean Authorities.

The very first celebration was small, but the celebrations grew steadily over the next five years until now when five to ten thousand visitors come to watch and participate in the festival along with thousands of Phuket Island residents

Cambodia Pride
May 12-20

Cambodia Pride Week has become a regular event in the Kingdom since 2009. Before that time, Pride was first celebrated in 2004 with a Pride party in Phnom Penh which highlighted safe sexual health issues.

An annual Pride party continued until 2009 when a group of Cambodian and international LGBT volunteers decided to pool their energy, ideas, skills and time to make a bigger celebration of Cambodia’s fledging LGBT community and to broaden the focus of Pride to the whole life of LGBT people. not just HIV/AIDS awareness.

Since 2009 Pride Week has increased the participation of Cambodian lesbians, challenged the stigmatization of LGBT people by focusing on the many talents, contributions and facets of being LGBT (through film, art, performances) and it has highlighted the human rights of LGBT people (through workshops and regional campaigns).

Shanghai Pride
June 16-23

hanghai, situated on the banks of the Yangtze River Delta in East China, is China’s largest city by population. Widely regarded as the citadel of China’s modern economy, the city also serves as one of the most important cultural, commercial, financial, industrial and communications centers of China.

Administratively, Shanghai is a municipality of the People’s Republic of China that has province-level status. Shanghai is also one of the world’s busiest ports, and became the largest cargo port in the world in 2005.

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