Best of the UK: Manchester

Published Date Author: , April 21st, 2012
Gay Manchester

Photo by Matt Mills

Some of the most livable and visitable cities in the world are those with histories of profound socioeconomic decline from formative periods of unbridled prosperity. It’s in those places, often in the looming shadows of greedy metropolises, in which gay travellers are most likely to find innovative expressions of art and culture by most interesting and welcoming locals. Manchester, in Northwest England, is one of those cities.

It rebuffs the glamour and gravitas of London and so may not be a destination that springs immediately to mind for gay travellers planning sojourn in the United Kingdom. But as a city in the midst of rejuvenation, or for those looking to become truly acquainted with authentic British culture on an intimate level, Manchester really is worth a stop. It just might be among the most gay-friendly places you’ll visit.

The hearth and home of Manchester’s gay community lies along and around Canal St in the city’s core. It’s here that the original 1999 television series Queer as Folk was set and shot, which is perhaps why this charming and tidy cobblestone street with its contiguous string of spacious gay bars and clubs feels so familiar even to the first-time visitor.

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