A “Cool” Summer in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Published Date Author: , April 13th, 2012

Gay Travel: A "Cool" Summer in Phoenix and ScottsdaleI’m having a drink on the patio of the Hyatt Regency Gainey Ranch, one of Phoenix/Scottsdale’s nicest (and most gay-friendly) resorts. Suddenly a hissing sound explodes from above. A fine mist pours off these weird little rods on the roof. I start to panic. Is the sprinkler going off? Am I going to see flames shooting from the building? Turns out there’s no need for panic. This is just my first encounter with a standard feature of summers in the Valley of the Sun: misting systems.

I soon find these misters everywhere I go, sending their cooling vapors down onto grateful (and unpanicky) people. Shopping plazas have them, restaurants have them, and bars have them. On Marshall Way, at the heart of Scottsdale’s lively arts district, there’s even a statue where you walk down a solid column of water sprays.

It’s just one factor in making Phoenix and Scottsdale a “cool gay getaway” when the mercury’s topping 100 in the shade. Days are arranged around the heat, and evenings assume vibrant life.

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