Denmark: Copenhagen Experiences a Gastronomic Renaissance

Published Date Author: , March 21st, 2012

Copenhagen GastronomyIt’s completely understandable that Denmark has long held a fascination for so many gay people. After all, it was Denmark that gave us modern home design. (Where would “Mad Men” be without Danish contemporary furniture? And, really, could any of us endure our apartments furnished in American colonial?)

Furthermore, Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize civil unions in 1989 – as well as the country where the first widely-known “sex change” was performed in 1952. For gay people of a certain age, transsexual Christine Jorgensen made Denmark look like a bastion of openness and tolerance during a time when the US was pursuing a witch-hunt on gay people in American society. And Denmark was also the first country in the world to legalize pornography – in 1969. And, by the spring of 2012, Denmark is expected to legalize same-sex marriage.

And where would ballet be without the Danes? Much of the reputation of American ballet companies – and specifically the New York City Ballet – rests on the shoulders of those tall and elegant Danish ballet dancers.

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