Oslo Will Win You Over

Published Date Author: , February 16th, 2012

Oslo, NorwayWith outstanding cultural attractions, an exciting culinary scene, inspiring nature, and warm, welcoming people, Oslo will win you over soon after you arrive.

The vibrant capital city of Norway is home to 600,000, and a place where LGBT people are an integral part of life. “We have come very far when it comes to rights for LGBT people,” says Bard Nylund, the President of the Norwegian LGBT Association. “This means that we can feel comfortable anywhere in the city. Because we are a small capital in an international context, it also means that people walk everywhere, and nearly [everywhere] the LGBT community is visible. There is also no problem showing love in public. Over 70% of the Norwegian population agrees with same-sex marriage, which has been legal since 2008.”

After arriving in the city on the new Flytoget Airport Express train, I was early for my hotel check in, so I grabbed a coffee and sat down in a little park near the National Theater by a statue of Norwegian actress, and de facto gay icon, Wenche Foss. It was early in the day, as Scandinavia Airlines’ new direct route from New York to Oslo had me touch down a little after 8 A.M.

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