Gay Cities Poll Names Tel Aviv Top Gay City of 2011

Published Date Author: , January 13th, 2012

Congrats! Mazel tov! Félicitations! The election results in the Best of GayCities 2011 poll are in—and we have the winners!

Over the past several weeks, our sister site asked members and visitors to vote for the ideal locations in eight different categories—plus the overall best city in the world. You pulled your levers (well, clicked your mouses) and the people have spoken.

Let’s look at the boards:

*When it came to the crème de la crème, the big winner in the Best City of GayCities 2011, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, was…

Tel Aviv!

It received the most votes by GayCities readers in the “City of the Year” category. And it wasn’t a close call: The Mediterranean metropolis took the category with a whopping 43% of the vote, barreling over its nearest competitor, New York City, which only scored 14%. Hmm, did residents of Tel Aviv pool their online resources to push the Israeli oasis over the top? We may never know.

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