A New Hampshire Women’s Getaway

Published Date Author: , December 22nd, 2011

Highlands Inn, Bethlehem, NHWinter’s on its way, and now’s the time to schedule that ski trip you’ve been dreaming about all year. As the snow falls and the holidays draw near, turn your thoughts to New Hampshire’s North Country, and the famed lesbian B&B, The Highlands Inn. Nestled in the hills of tiny Bethlehem, this restored hunting lodge provides a women-centric environment close to shopping, skiing, and other winter sports.

Innkeeper Grace Newman is as good as her name, gracious and accommodating without being intrusive. She was more than happy to welcome our large Rottweiler and us in the adjacent farmhouse – ideal accommodations for a large group of friends.

“This is a great life; I meet a lot of really nice people,” said Newman, who has operated the inn since 1983. “I also think it’s really important to have women’s spaces; we are losing more and more all the time. People think that young lesbians don’t appreciate it, but a lot of them have visited lately, and they tell me it is incredible to be here just with other women.”

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