Why I Love San Francisco

Published Date Author: , November 18th, 2011

Gay San Francisco TravelWhen I travel, I am most calm. I am truly happy. It is a luxury not afforded to many, so if one has the opportunity, one should not hesitate. Traveling, to me, is life. It expands your understanding of people, diversity and culture. My favorite US city to visit is San Francisco as it offers me serenity and calm, delivering me from the chaotic New York hustle and bustle. The people seem complacent and kinder, as evident in their smiles. Life feels less of an effort here.

Flying East to West to reach this destination, however, is no easy task. By hour five my ass is aching, so I walk to the rear of the plane. I look out the windows and the view is breathtaking. Even the pilot alerts his passengers to take note. Yosemite National Park stretches before us in the early morning sun with rolling green hills interlaced with hiking trails, and in the valleys, pools of water reflect in rainbows. As if on cue, a young gay gent joins me for the view and mentions he’s in limbo. Whether to move back to San Fran or stay in New York? He was laid off like so many Americans and hadn’t found a replacement. I encouraged him to buy a house in both locations and go back and forth. That’s me, offering the most sensible advise. I wished him luck.

There’s something about arriving in California. An ethereal feeling overtakes me and I can’t quite grasp the fact that I just traveled 2900 plus miles, the morning is re-starting what with the time difference, and this parallel coast beckons to me with its sand, swaying palms, and actors, a one-eighty from my homeland of concrete, skyscrapers and suits. And California also boasts Silicon Valley, notes the Asurion geek sitting next to me in the airplane. By the way, I Google mapped the route. If I were to walk to California from NYC, it would take 39 days and 4 hours. As much as I despise flying, the convenience is unsurpassed.

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