West Hollywood for the Weekend

Published Date Author: , November 7th, 2011

Recently on the West Coast, a certain rainbow-flagged jurisdiction considered a resolution for “Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day” – because the mayor was fearful that the city was becoming a little too sanitized. Where else but West Hollywood, right?

Originally known as Sherman, West Hollywood has a proud history of championing renegade behaviors. The town was named for land developer Moses Sherman who housed his railroad employees in the liquor-friendly town during Prohibition. All through the Roaring Twenties, nightclubs and casinos flourished along Sunset – and rather than curb its wayward habits, the city chose not to become a part of Los Angeles, adopting the name West Hollywood instead.

To walk Santa Monica Boulevard today (once known as Route 66) is to see the imprint of West Hollywood’s raffish history. On a late summer night, we paused in front of Eleven Nightclub where nearly naked go-go boys shook their moneymakers in the huge open windows of what was once the First National Bank of Sherman.

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