One Day in Portland, Oregon

Published Date Author: , November 18th, 2011

Gay Portland, OregonIn the 1940s, Portland journalist Dick Fagan began writing a tongue-in-cheek column about leprechauns living on the median strip opposite his office. This piece of whimsy so fascinated his readers that they helped Fagan transform the space – the size of a planter box – into a dinky park with trees, flowers, a swimming pool and miniature Ferris wheel.

Mill Ends Park is still going strong amid the exhaust fumes on the SW Naito Parkway. Fagan’s “leprechaun colony” was officially declared a park by the council in 1976 and is tended by a municipal keeper. Recognised as the world’s smallest park, Mill Ends is treated as a sacred site by Portlanders.

Going off-piste is a tradition in Portland, a city whose unofficial motto is “Keep it Weird”. Behind the neo-classical facades and prim civic gardens, Portland is happy to take a walk on the wild side. One evening a party of men dressed in outlandish wigs, pirate hats and cocktail dresses boards my carriage on the light rail. They strike a pose but remain silent, like mannequins. “Welcome to the party,” the conductor says.

Full Story from The Sydney Morning Herald.

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