Tips for Gay Travelers

Published Date Author: , October 28th, 2011

As a gay man myself, I am more than thrilled to learn of new advancements, strides and political reform surrounding the LGBT sphere. Marriage equality has just now spread to New York City, the world’s capital, in my opinion, which will set the stage for other states, countries and nations to follow. I now have a greater sense of pride both in my Manhattan cubicle living space and when I travel abroad. When traveling to foreign lands, it may or may not be appropriate to work those DSquared2 daisy dukes or waive our vibrant rainbow flags.

Gay travelers are widely accepted around the world. Hotels, restaurants and most of the travel industry, for that matter, promote the acceptance of the “Pink Travel Dollar,” the gay travel currency, if you will, which does not fluctuate during conservative economic times. Hoteliers and travel proprietors have noticed this trend, yielding gay-friendly or LGBT-exclusive properties and services. As all destinations differ by culture, when is it appropriate to share your feelings, and when is it best to keep it hush-hush? A few simple rules and travel tips will help the LGBT traveler remain comfortable, confident and, most of all, safe on your highly anticipated international jaunt.

Tip 1: R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out what it means to the country you are visiting. Although you may truly enjoy your public displays of affection in your local city, the residents of New Delhi, India, or Dubai in the UAE, may find it insulting, as homosexuality is basically illegal. Don’t be confused when two men in Delhi walk arm and arm — it’s a brotherly thing, not a gay thing. A quick Google search on gay life in your destination will yield the code of conduct that you should adhere to on your journey. Treat the destination and its people as if they were the hosts of the most glamorous social gathering in your own city.

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