The Republic of Botswana

Published Date Author: , September 17th, 2011

Good Morning Everyone. This morning we transferred by land and river from Livingstone, Zambia to Chobe in Botswana, our destination for the next 5 days. A short 2 hours drive/sail, to cross the border at Kazungula point. A whole experience mingling in line with the locals and only a few adventurous tourists.

The process was very quick and none of us had to pay any visa fees while holing an US and EU passport. Once you get to the border, you cross by boat to the Botswana by a small boat, of course only after you get through the local craftsman trying to sell their stuff and for you to remember their names in twenty different languages.

The arrival to Botswana, well that was quite and experience and different. We were received not only by our driver, but also by a herd of over ten elephants, giraffes and buffalos, on our way to our hotel for the night, the Chobe Game Lodge, over the stream – this time – of the Chobe River.

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