Spain: Barcelona’s Girlie Circuit Festival

Published Date Author: , September 18th, 2011

Girlie Circuit Festival 2011 in Barcelona was two different festivals – one for the guys and one for the girls. There was only one party which was a mixed event and that was the Water Park Day. When it’s a mixed event the reality is 80-90% guys, so there wasn’t a lot of eye candy for the girls.

At 10pm there was a huge firework show (incredible!) which marked the end of Water Park Day and the event changed to Water Park Night. The Water Park Day/Night took place at Illa Fantasia and overall it was a great party, but I would probably not go next year because of the huge number of guys in speedos. The music was great though and it was fun standing in the water dancing.

The first “girls only” party was called Lezzgo! It was held at Razzmatazz on Wednesday evening. It was a small place and was quickly filled up. The two bands, Hache and La Quiero Viva, opened the party with amazing and energy packed shows. It was an intense atmosphere and the lead singer of La Quiero Viva made a special appearance when she took off her shirt and did a couple of songs topless, only adding to the intimate atmosphere.

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