Lesbian Couple Claims Discrimination During Honeymoon

Published Date Author: , September 21st, 2011

A lesbian couple who described their honeymoon as the “worst two weeks” they had ever spent are claiming they were discriminated against by one of the UK’s largest holiday companies.

Gemma Harman, 24, and Tamsin Harper, 36, from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, went to the Dominican Republic with Thomson after their civil partnership earlier this year. But they claim the company refused to acknowledge their holiday as a honeymoon and say they did not receive the special treatment offered to other honeymooners because they were a same-sex couple.

Ms Harman told Real Radio the couple were treated in a “homophobic manner”. The newlyweds claimed that other couples they spoke to were treated “like VIPs”, being offered special romantic meals at the hotel and having bottles of rum and fruit put in their room, but they received nothing.

Full Story from UKPA

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