Gay Travel: Some of the Best Gay Clothing Optional Beaches

Published Date Author: , September 21st, 2011

Nobody likes tan lines! If you’re looking for a great spot to get your nude on, here’s our list of great spots to enjoy the sun and stares.

10. Tamarama Beach (Sydney, Australia): Tamarama lives up to its nickname, “Glamarama.” Beautiful ocean views and luxurious seaside mansions provide great views, along with the sun-kissed Aussies. After you leave the beach, throw on a Speedo and explore some of the cafes and restaurants nearby.

9. Haulover Beach (Miami, FL): This legendary haven is mostly a hangout for men, but you will also find lesbians and straight revelers camping out too. Rent a chair or umbrella from Boucher Brothers or lay a towel in the sand like the locals do. You’re sure to love the view of the shoreline and the tan, fit hotties that frequent it. No trip to Miami would be complete without checking out this sun-kissed paradise!

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