Falling in Love With Jackson, New Hampshire

Published Date Author: , September 16th, 2011

Last weekend, I drove up into Canada by way of northern New England–and made a pit stop in the mountain town of Jackson, New Hampshire.

Jackson seems to be one of those towns that always has something to offer, no matter the season. In the autumn months, so-called “leaf peepers” come from around the world to view the changing foliage. During the winter, nearby peaks offer some of the region’s best skiing. Spring brings bouquets of wildflowers as hikers traverse the freshly reopened trails. And in the summer, there’s Jackson Falls.

Jackson Falls is the area’s nature-made watering hole. As the Wildcat Brook snakes its way into town, it makes a gentle and cascading 100-foot drop over the course of a few-hundred meters. The rocks–to the delight of visitors, young and old alike–form natural waterslides and slopes into small pools, potholes and puddles.

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