Dallas Dazzles for Gay Travelers

Published Date Author: , September 16th, 2011

Live Large. Think Big. That’s the Dallas marketing slogan and one on which the metropolis delivers in true Texan style. But there is also a very different side to Dallas, as JD van Zyl found – one which boasts a buzzing gay scene, a rich cultural experience and unrivalled Texas hospitality.

“Why do y’all think Dallas is nothing but cowboys and JR?” grumbles Michael, a 20-something lad originally from neighbouring Fort Worth, in that distinctive Texas drawl that is almost impossible not to mock. “This city is so much cooler than that 80s crap. I’ve been to San Francisco and New York and Miami and none of them have anything on Dallas.”

A few days ago I would have casually dismissed my newfound friend’s ramblings, but after a few days in the Texas metropolis I am starting to see where he is coming from. As the ninth largest city in the United States, Dallas certainly has a buzz about it. More than anything though, it has heart.

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